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The Nation’s Favourite Dish

We simply adore curries. So much so, we have our own exclusive range of curry sauces using the finest herbs and spices to offer our customers the best solutions for this popular menu option.

Made with Feel good ingredients

We offer a wide range of great curry sauces and have collaborated with Holy Cow to introduce some authentic regional sauces. All our curry sauces are made with plant based ingredients so they are suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians.

Plant Based
Gluten Free Sauces

We are passionate about our curries

Hand made with skill and passion then combined with our marinated chicken for our famous “double flavour hit”. Our sauces are supplied frozen in a convenient 2.5kg pouch to ensure all those wonderful flavours are at their very best for your customers.


Originates in the Bengal area of India and is a popular dish in most curry restaurants. Our sauce combines fresh peppers, tomatoes and chillies to give an authentic slightly thicker medium hot curry sauce. Serve with saffron rice and our warmed naan bread with chopped coriander to finish.


Rumoured to have been created in Birmingham a classic Balti should be served in a Balti Bowl, but this is open to very broad interpretation. Balti should not be too hot as it was designed for Western pallets, but adding chilli peppers can increase the heat if required. Serve with cooked saffron rice and naan bread. We also have a soya balti for vegetarians.

Kashmir Rogan Josh

Rogan Josh curry was introduced to Kashmir by the Mughals and is heavily influenced by Persian Cuisine. Historically used to cook goat or lamb the sauce is all about slow cooking and infusing rich flavours of chillies and spices, and should have a deep red colour. Rogan Josh is one of our slightly hotter curries and has two chillies on our heat scale, but works wonderfully well with our marinated chicken.

Butter Curry

Thought to have originated in Delhi, butter chicken or murgh makhani is a curry which consists of chicken, tomato butter and cream sauce. Similar to chicken tikka masala, which uses a tomato paste but has a rich buttery flavour and is not too hot.


Originating in Japan katsu curry sauce is mild and sweet tasting with essence of coconut it is traditionally served with a panko coated chicken fillet on a bed of rice and noodles. Love Joe’s have the panko coated chicken fillet, rice and the easy-to-use sauce of course.

Mangalore Malabar

Mangalore is well known in India for its beaches, commerce and diverse cultures, and this carries over into its cuisine. The Mangalore Malabar Curry sauce is a delightfully aromatic Mangalore style curry sauce flavoured with coconut & curry leaves with a wonderful mix of spices and flavours. Another slightly hotter sauce that also has two chillies on the heat scale, the sauce is enhanced by the addition of vibrant mixed peppers, red onion and finished with chopped coriander. It’s one of our favourites!


Has its roots in the Mughlai cuisine of the Indian subcontinent. Traditionally Korma sauce is made with yoghurt & cream and some recipes add almonds. Korma is a milder sauce and is a great starting place for new curry club members.

Tikka Masala

Probably one of the most ordered dishes across all restaurants up and down the country. There are multiple claims to its place of origin from the Indian subcontinent to the UK. Our sauce is made to a traditional creamy and lightly spiced recipe with the classical deep orange colour. As dishes go this is a no brainer for any menu!

You can dish up a curry in three easy steps

Diced, sliced or boneless whole chicken thigh or breast.
For maximum flavour we suggest choosing a marinated option.
Veggies are a great alternative too!

We stock a wide range of curry sauces which include a selection from the award winning Holy Cow.

Complete your offering with our accompaniments which include rice, naan breads, samosas, onion bhajis and mint yogurt sauce.

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We create irresistible on trend menu offerings that transform your catering outlet to compete with the high street.

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