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Our Marinated Chicken Wraps

If Love Joes had a signature product dish it would be the chicken wrap. Loved by customers of all ages for as long as Joe can remember!

Chicken Wrap

We believe only the best will do

We are very proud of the food we produce and firmly believe that only the best will do. We are committed to provide products that exceed expectations. Our accreditations guarantee you will be receiving the best quality at the highest standards.

Red Tractor
Fresh or Frozen
Gluten Free Marinades
Halal Options

Inspired by Street Food Flavours From Around the World

Our team of chicken connoisseurs have used only the best quality ingredients to develop an authentic range of marinades. Teaming them with fully traceable Red Tractor chicken to help you create menu offerings that take your customers tastebuds around the world.


Sweet & smoky.


An irresistible hot and fiery American style marinade.

Blackened Cajun

A warming taste of the deep south.

Chilli Salsa

Sweet and spicy marinade to make your tastebuds explode.

Chinese 5 Spice

Classic Chinese flavour combining cinnamon, cloves, fennel, sichuan pepper and star anise.


Hot & smoky with zingy lime and smoked habanero.


A Mexican fiesta of chilli, garlic and cumin.


A smoking hot bite with a bang, Firecracker Chicken isn’t for the faint-hearted. Are you tough enough!

Hot ‘n’ Spicy

Aromatic spices with a warming chilli kick.


An authentic blend of Jamaican herbs and spices.


A coconutty, sweet and mildly spiced marinade.

Lemon & Herb

A fresh, zesty lemon with garlic, a fleck of parsley and rosemary makes this such a versatile flavour.

Maple & Sweet Chilli

Sweet and smoky maple with a blend of chillies.


The original and the best - the marinade that started it all! Oregano, mint, lemon and more, balanced beautifully and loved by young and old.

Natural Tandoori

All the flavour of an authentic Indian spice blend with paprika and turmeric.

Piri Piri

A piquant Portuguese marinade.

Sicilian Herb

A mild blend of Mediterranean herbs and spices.


Authentic Indian marinade with a vibrant red colour.


Mildly Spiced with creamy yoghurt.

Chicken Wrap with Marinade

You can wrap it up in three easy steps

Tortilla, flat bread or naan bread.

Marinated Chicken

Sliced, Diced, Strips or Skewers

Coated Chicken

Mini Fillets or Bites

Salad, sauce and garnish.

Branding Solutions Standing Out Just Got Easier

We create irresistible on trend menu offerings that transform your catering outlet to compete with the high street.

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